Meet Commos

Commos is a boutique coaching and consulting firm with global reach exclusively dedicated to provide innovative training solutions for commodities, commodity trading and risk management.

We work closely to the main commodity exchanges, major industrial players, physical traders and financial institutions to help their management and clients master the art of physical and financial trading.

Our unique training approach is practice-driven. Through Commos' online educational platform and trading simulator HedgeTutor, our clients can interact with virtual physical and financial markets and create hedged portfolios.

Solid theoretical background, industry grounded case studies and our specialists interaction and support provides with a unique and robust self-paced learning experience.

Learn more about Commos:

  • HedgeTutor, online learning platform and commodity trading simulator.

  • Check the Subscriptions page for details about our offering for each specific market.

  • Our Partners: who supports our innovative educational approach


About HedgeTutor

Brief Tutorial: Hedging with Futures