TSR - Natural Rubber Physical and Derivatives Market

The HedgeTutor's TSR subscription mimics the behaviour of the Technically Specified Rubber (TSR) derivatives markets traded on the Singapore Exchange (SGX SICOM TSR20). The HedgeTutor's trading and price risk management learning experience results from the interaction between the physical and financial markets that are simultaneously simulated:

  • Gain a comprehensive understanding of the interaction between the physical and financial markets.
  • Follow the evolution of prices and forward curves in your simulated market.
  • Practise trading physical products against a paper market.
  • Learn to hedge your physical price exposure by trading futures and options.
  • Evaluate the exposure of your combined physical and financial portfolio to ascertain your overall market risk.
  • Understand the implications of your trades on your balance sheet.

  • In addition, HedgeTutor provides:

    • an extensive library of Tutorials that incorporates all theoretical concepts behind trading
    • a comprehensive library of Case Studies that directly illustrate the concepts learnt and help Users to get familiar with the simulator


About HedgeTutor's TSR Subscription



  • 14 Generic Tutorials + 5 Market Specific Tutorials
  • 2.5 hours of videos + respective slides
Case Studies


  • Predefined Case Studies for Producers, Consumers and Investors
  • 1.7 hours of videos + respective slides
  • 2 Predefined Scenarios (Bullish and Bearish markets)
  • No limit of User-defined Scenarios and Simulations
About SGX-Commos TSR Subscription
Brief Tutorial: Hedging with Futures

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