Bespoke Education

We provide bespoke In-House Training as well as E-learning Coaching sessions. These courses are totally customised to offer even more in-depth knowledge and confidence in a chosen topic.

Whether you have a number of employees interested in one of our Public Courses and find the In-House option more cost effective, have regular intakes of interns and graduates, or are looking to put an emphasis on a particular topics, we can create a bespoke programme to match individual goals and company objectives. And of course, HedgeTutor remains at the core of our training sessions.

In-House Training:


  • Increased return on investment for larger groups
  • Participants spending less time out of the office
  • Sensitive cases can be addressed in full confidentiality
  • Input to the course preparation increases quality of deliverables
  • Length, timing, frequency, follow up completely open and adjustable
  • Choice of most suitable tutor(s) according to topic(s)
  • Team work and knowledge share
  • Course and participants assessment after each session.

E-learning Coaching


  • Cheapest communication medium
  • Money spent on learning rather than travelling
  • Maximum flexibility in terms of numbers, locations, ...
  • Real-time as well as just-in-time learning
  • Ideal to address highly focused and thematic topics
  • Community level learning.
  • The ideal complement and support to the HedgeTutor Learning Experience.


Bespoke Educational Solutions

For other educational solutions to match specific needs do not hesitate to contact us at