XIO - Iron Ore Physical and Derivatives Market

The HedgeTutor's XIO subscription mimics the behaviour of the iron ore exchange-traded derivatives market based on the spot 62% Fe CFR China index price. The HedgeTutor's trading and price risk management learning experience results from the interaction between the physical and financial markets that are simultaneously simulated

  • Follow the evolution of prices and forward curves for Iron Ore 62% CFR China of your simulated market
  • Trade physical products (Iron Ore 58% Fe and 65% FE CFR China) and manage your inventory
  • Trade swap futures, options and swaps based on this contract to hedge your physical price exposure
  • Evaluate the exposure of your combined physical and financial portfolio to ascertain your overall market risk
  • Follow up margining, credit lines and cash flows generated by your trades
  • Review the financial statements to understand the implications of your trades on your PnL and balance sheet

  • In addition, HedgeTutor provides:

    • an extensive library of Tutorials that incorporates all theoretical concepts behind trading
    • a comprehensive library of Case Studies that directly illustrate the concepts learnt and help Users to get familiar with the simulator


About HedgeTutor's XIO Subscription



  • 16 Generic Tutorials + 5 Market Specific Tutorials
  • 3 hours of videos + respective slides
Case Studies


  • Predefined Case Studies for Iron Ore Producers, Consumers and Investors
  • 1.9 hours of videos + respective slides
  • 2 Predefined Iron Ore Price Scenarios (Bullish and Bearish markets)
  • No limit of User-defined Scenarios and Simulations
Brief Tutorial: Hedging with Futures

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