Our Partners

The following companies and individuals share our same goals and worked together with us to develop our vision:


The London Metal Exchange is the world centre for industrial metals trading. The LME and Commos cooperate to provide the worldwide metals community with a an integral eLearning tool.



SGX is a global multi-asset exchange operating equity, fixed income, currency and commodity markets. SGX and Commos partner to develop a unique educational approach for SGX SICOM Rubber Derivative Products.



FCCS is a firm based in Switzerland with focus in CTRM systems selection and implementation and commodities trading and risk management advisory. FCCS was pivotal in the development of HedgeTutor and partners with Commos on its business development efforts.


TLALLI is a London based consulting firm. TLALLI was pivotal in the development of the CO2 (Emissions), XAU (Gold) and XCB (Gold for Central Banks and Investors) HedgeTutor subscriptions.

KEOPS Consulting LLC is a New York based company specialized in sustainability and commodities with seasoned executives with more than 20 years experience in trading environmental products and commodities.

Evidens provides the "Best in Class" solution for Clients by adopting a tender process for all manner of precious metal related projects. Evidens is in partnership with Commos to position HedgeTutor as the main educational platform for the precious metals markets.


These companies work closely to the Team to develop our shared educational approach.